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Ideal Jacobs specializes in Braille labeling solutions to expand the accessibility of our customers' products and services to the visually impaired community. Whether a customer requires Braille labeling for a public facility, a personal electronic device or a consumer product, Ideal Jacobs can provide our customers with a label that will convey a message to a targeted group.

How is a Braille label produced:

  1. Transcription: Using software to translate written words into Braille.
  2. Printing: Content is printed on a polycarbonate substrate for the non-visually impaired.
  3. Embossing: Braille dots are embossed onto substrate using custom formed embossing dies.
  4. Quality Control: Braille translations are checked for accuracy by visually impaired proofreaders.
  5. Finishing: Substrate is laminated with pressure sensitive adhesive and die cut to form finished label.
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