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What products are made by Ideal Jacobs (Malaysia) Corporation Bhd ?
Ideal Jacobs (Malaysia) Corporation Bhd is a holding company with subsidiaries are specializing in identification, sealing, precision fabrication, industrial design and thermoplastic composite.

Who are the key executive officers?   

Andrew Conrad Jacobs is the Executive Chairman of Ideal Jacobs (Malaysia) Corporation Bhd.Meng Bin is the company's Chief Executive Officer and Chen Shien Yee is the company's Chief Financial Officer.

What is Ideal Jacobs (Malaysia) Corporation Bhd's Vision or Mission Statement?
To be able to satisfy the needs of our customers whether it means utilizing existing or new equipment, existing or new technology or creating new solutions where none existed before, we live by our ability to innovate.

Where is Ideal Jacobs (Malaysia) Corporation Bhd'sheadquarters?
Office Suite, 19-11-2, 11th Floor, UOA Centre, No 19 Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

How do I apply for a job at Ideal Jacobs (Malaysia) Corporation Bhd and its subsidiaries?
Visit Employment to access the information on career opportunities.

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